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Nancy McClain

Nancy McClainNancy McClain has been a full-time designer for more than a decade. She has a true passion for kitchens and to this day looks at every project as individual as her clients.

After studying Interior Design at Portland’s Art Institute, she worked for five years as a Project Designer for The Home Depot. This was during the building boom in Portland, Oregon. On a typical day, Nancy would have 18-28 remodel projects going at once.  During this time, she completed more than 1,700 projects and was recognized as one of Home Depot’s top ten designers for the Northwest region.

In 2006, Nancy and her husband moved to Southern Oregon to be closer to family and she founded Siskiyou Design Service. Passionate about creating healthy spaces, in 2009, Nancy went on to receive her certification as a Sustainable Building Advisor (CSBA).

Nancy, a self-declared ranch kid, grew up in Siskiyou County with parents that taught her how to live off of and with the land. She was raised on a 160-acre’s with more than 800 head of sheep, about 100 head of cattle, 20 dairy goats, horses, pigs and the like. Brainstorming at the dinner table, with the refrain “How can we do this more effectively?” was a nightly event. And the kitchen was the center of it all.